Insecurities? Unmotivated? Feeling blah?

No, this is not an ad for the next big thing this is why you need to hear Leta Speak!

As an image consultant and makeup artist for almost twenty years, Leta has helped clients to not just look their best but to feel their best. It began in 1988 when Leta was awkward and insecure (so basically a typical teenager) kid.  Her story, like many, is that we all have to face what we look like, who we are and well.. what we are going to do about it! This not a speech on how to dress or put your makeup on (for that you have to go to one of her workshops) this is addressing what you see. Audiences around the world have enjoyed her presentations. She is so funny that they laugh before the interpreter has finished! Her message is about the insecurities we all face and how to not only change them but what we can do about it each and everyday.

Leta used to speak almost exclusively to women’s groups but she was asked to present at the Elementary school two of her children attend. Her main concern was embarrassing her kids! It went great and the school scheduled her immediately for the next school year and most importantly to Leta, her kids loved it. A few weeks later She was talking with her child’s teacher and a first grade little boy came up and grabbed her hand. Puzzled why an unknown child would grab her hand she asked, “Can I help you find your teacher?” He smiled and said, “No”. “What can I do for you buddy?” His simple reply “you’re the lady that talked to us about being nice to ourselves”.

It is a simple message but one we all need to hear. It is through humor, stories and a new way of seeing the everyday that makes Leta’s audience of all ages want to hold on for more!