On February 7, 2023, I had my 22nd anniversary with SeneGence!


I joined then because I wanted to raise money to adopt the kids that were not coming. As a makeup artist, I wanted a line that I could confidently refer my clients to. I thought I would do it for a couple of years but the quality of the products (like increasing collagen production by 168%), the amazing friendships with both other distributors and my clients, and the ability to stay home with my kids… here I am almost an empty nester with so many memories. I could share a thousand pictures… but I wont make you look at all of those!




I have more than a career to be thankful for in having joined 22 years ago, in addition to sisterhood, I found opportunities, like when I told Joni Rogers (the founder of SeneGence) that I was being God-directed to speak, she gave me the first stage I ever spoke on that wasn’t church. Without that support it would easily have taken me years longer to get in the stage time needed to develop the skills I can offer my speaking clients today.


I was able to put my hubby through school thanks to SeneGence, to now it’s not just making extra money but to partner with my husband to give our family a different life than little me could have ever imagined.



That isn’t just due to money, that is due to what you learn and become in the process of doing the work. I have done the work in my makeup/ skincare career from my first paid makeup work in 1991, to this last weekend where I stood in a booth serving clients in Kansas. I have gone from doing make-up and cleaning houses to pay the bills to still doing makeup and adding on the speaking,
writing to leave my imprint on the world. It’s been an honor and I don’t plan on exiting anytime soon. Some may say I am just getting started, afterall I am only half way done with this life.


When did I become old enough to be thinking of things in decades?😂


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