25 years of marriage with this awesome guy!
He is my one and only, he is the best man I have ever known and has all the best qualities of every man I have ever looked up to.


Is he perfect? No. Am I perfect? No.


But together we are a perfect pairing of our strengths being celebrated by the other and our weaknesses being compensated by the strengths of the other.


We are very different people, as they say opposites attract. Although that is true in our hobbies, we are the same in our goals.We wanted the same things in this first stage of our marriage, the part here on earth, and for the second part of our marriage where we are all in heaven together, we want that. We want it so much that we have made our home a God centered home.


Are we perfect at this? No, but that we both want an eternity together and that makes us put habits in place to create the flow of our lives around our knowledge that heaven is real.
LoverMan is more diligent than I, so I get the benefit that he never forgets couples’ prayer. On the other hand, he gets the benefit that I am super weird and fun. Yes, I did get the better end of this deal.


We have had challenges, like military deployments, seven miscarriages, being super poor in school, Nathan getting hit by a bus, His heart attack, my being in a wheelchair, our daughters death.


We have also had deep heavenly joys like getting our son Nathaniel who has a loving heart for all he meets, who deeply cares for others and is a wonderful friend, with a big forgiving heart and who listens to the voice inside of him nudging him to choose goodness. He is a kind human.


Getting our Ailsa that even though they said to abort her, many times she is miraculously healthy. She has her dad’s love of academics, a heart that hurts when others hurt, she is a cuddler (Boys, stay away) who loves long (too long) hugs. She has her own vibe and independence from teen things, she too listens to the voice inside. She is a kind human.


Our daughter Katelynn is super bossy from heaven, signing us up for things and rushing to our side when life is hard, dark.


We know heaven is real. We are working towards that goal as a family. We are thrilled to soon be welcoming a new amazing daughter in law into our family and know that Nathaniel and her will build an amazing life full of love and commitment to each other.



Life has had its problems but LoverMan and I keep choosing each other. It takes two equally committed individuals to make a marriage sweet. That is not an accident or luck, it is a side effect of consistency from both of us. Over the years it has gotten back to us that others say Nathan is difficult, even abusive, that I am a yeller, that we are just putting up a front. I even had a cousin in concern offering support if I needed to flee my marriage. Another say they used to respect me but knowing how I pretend to be happily married they lost respect for me.


That is what it is, one thing I will say to this, and anyone else seeking to make us appear different than what we are, this is a symptom of their pain. It is beyond jealousy,  it is wrong to tear another down to make you look good. Others may not like us because we have said no, and we have made boundaries. Nathan has been better at this than I have and that has made him a target. We have become a convenient target, but  I’m no longer silently accepting this. I want for our 25th wedding anniversary to let anyone letting the words of others linger in their minds to know that Nathan is a truly good man. He is incapable of faking, lying or pretending to be anything other than what he appears to be.


If I ever am not married to Nathan, it would be my eternal loss to not be attached to such a good, dedicated, loving, hard working, protective, diligent, and devoted man. I have tried to just let rumors be but that is, at the end of the day, not only disloyal to my husband but it also perpetuates an undercurrent that what I say, what I share is some crafted image for garnering influence.



I am not strategic. I am simply doing my life, and being on social media is something I was God-directed to do — that is why I talk about my spiritual life so much.


LoverMan is my rock, he has given me the capacity and freedom to be truly who I am and has encouraged me every step of the way personally, emotionally, professionally, in all the ways, and I for him. I am looking forward to not just another 25 years, a lifetime, but a whole eternity as Nathan Greene’s wife.