You know one of my very favorite and possibly the most crucial thing I want from other’s, in order to bring them into my circle or my heart, is accountability.


I’m sooooo ”weird” about this that if people are not able to say ”sorry” I’m just unable to stay connected. It undermines my ability to grow a relationship or trust, so basically I am not interested anymore.


On our walk with my walking buddy, Tamara, she thanked me for being a good friend and I thanked her for being the kind of friend I know will always hold me to my best.


My hubby, boyfriend, BFF, and lover man has not swallowed the Koolaid. He ALWAYS holds himself and me to the best effort. It’s one of the things I noticed in dating him and it drew me to him. It’s at times been frustrating, like my talking so much is to him, it’s also a prized aspect of our marriage! He can be attributed to pushing me in enhancing abilities. It’s the trait I admire most in him and others, the ability to be human, flawed and accountable for our failings that I find most valuable and endearing. Because once I see how they handle mistakes, blunders, oversights, anger or failure I don’t really know who they are.


We ALL make mistakes, we ALL could do better but if we can’t say SORRY and apply the tone and actions to match we are manipulating to possibly abusing others.


This morning two different people apologized to me. In both circumstances, the business and the neighbor friend are closer to my heart. Raised in esteem and more trusted because they would see through pride and ego to what they could do better, address it (both approached me), take steps to fix it and say sorry.


Makes me pause and ask who I may need to care for better, who I may need to apologize to?



#accountability #sorry