I’ve heard it said how you can be in a room full of people and feel alone.


I’ve been there too, I think we all have.


I decided, after some hard times in my life years ago, that I had the ability to change that.


Here are some of the tips I’ve learned:


1) Sit by others. Especially the person who is sitting alone. On the bus, at a meeting, simply ask “May I join you?” Different than “Is this seat taken?” As it says you just want the seat, using join is an invitation to connect ❤️


2) Compliment others sincerely. Love their purse? Instead of just thinking it, say it. Love how their blouse looks? Say it. It takes practice opening your mouth, but loose the “filter” when it comes to compliments.


3) Positivity. When you hear or think something positive about another person, say it to them. Be the spreader of GOOD gossip.


4) Dump the negative. When someone is being disparaged, change the conversation, walk away, or say “We have all made that mistake” something to remind those there that we are all human. If you listen to negativity, it will keep finding you.


5) Smile. Now with our masks removed, this is easier than ever. We all need smiles. Just smile. It literally changes your chemistry to do so.

#connecting #positivity