On February 24, 2023, Covid has finally got me.


I had sore throat, cold, and severe muscle aches. All in all I’m feeling incredibly blessed that it’s just a matter of cancelling things and I still have a comfortable, warm home, citron tea, epsom salt, and an ipad to watch history documentaries.When I realized I had Covid, I started to text everyone I had commitments with.


One of those I was cancelling on was my dear friend Lindsey. She is in a serious time crunch in her life. Her life pressures, if I were to list out would make you wonder how she manages, yet still she managed to graciously make other plans and bring me soup!


Instead of putting out anything poopy, she reached back in to humbly serve me like it was no big deal.
But it was to me. Warm soup when you don’t feel well is love. I’ve had a steady supply of warm soup from friends, loverman, and Ailsa. I feel very loved.


A communication happened last night from someone who I’ve given much too but they are unable to be accountable or appropriate to myself or my family. I’ve come to see they will continue to demand using all the guilt, obligation, and playing the victim thus why they were reaching out while I was sick.


I laid awake most of the night pondering what further boundaries I need to put in place and realized that its more of a lesson for me.


When we’re empty, when have very little to give and what we scoop out to others, and their reaction when we have nothing more to give shows us who we and they really are.


I’m thankful for friends like Lindsey, Laurel, Pam, Mindy, Cheryl, Taryn, Denise and others who have either brought food or done extra work because I was down.


This bowl, a now empty bowl, will go back to my friend, it will be filled again with food for her family. At some point it may go to someone else in need of soup. What’s key is each time it’s given, I know Lindsey gives it with love.


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