Reflecting on the time I was able to be a part of a conference not only as a keynote speaker, but also in the creation of the idea. It was amazing, powerful and real. Real stories, real women, real steps to take to improve your life. The description of the conference was:

Don’t think you fit in the cookie cutter mold of what women “should” be? Me neither.

We all know of the demands placed on modern women. Unfortunately, worldly and cultural pressures want us to meet those demands the same way. The truth is, there is no mold on how to create our own personal happiness! Dispel the ugly lie of the mold, learn how to apply valuable tools to face the challenges of daily life with grace and dignity, and draw closer to our Savior in the process. The atonement is universal, but it is applied to each of our sins and pains individually as we need it.

All six of the powerful female presenters faced the gates of hell and all made a choice: happiness. Self-worth followed.