Had a fun day hanging out with speaker friends and doing the makeup for the ladies!



They were doing speaker reels to build up their businesses as speakers as part of Cheryl Knowlton’s Diamond Performance Academy.


The videographer of the speakers – Tyler was there.


Many seek to train speakers to speak, but not all of them have achieved what in the speaking world is called a Certified Speaking Professional or CSP.


We also jokingly call Can Submit Paperwork!


Evidently, I haven’t felt that paperwork thingy 🤣

In all seriousness people ask me all the time how to get into speaking, if you’re learning from someone who only speaks to sell you on their program that is not the path to becoming a paid speaker, that is on the path of becoming a pay to speak speaker.

I’d recommend you come hang out at the National Speaker Association.


If you want to be coached ONLY hire someone who has achieved their CSP locally.


I would also recommend you go to Cheryl and another friend of mine Jason Hewlett if you’re going to put money down to learn the business of speaking.