I can’t share names, because this Good Samaritan wants to be anonymous.
That’s good, because then I get to brag more on them.

This do-gooder doesn’t have a lot. They’re actually someone I was trying to help out. They, however, don’t see themselves as down and out. Why? Because near their work, they noticed a homeless woman and her grown son. This woman works at McDonalds and her boss is aware of this and has permitted her to camp behind the dumpster where the public can’t see. She wants to get into an apartment. She’s trying, she’s working. Her job isn’t close to any shelters.
The anonymous doer of good, though they themselves have very little, took a tarp, some good blankets that will handle outside well, and some clamps to make her outdoor home better for the weather. When I asked this samaritan what he needed, he asked me if I had certain things for them. Not for himself, but for them.
So my friends, one of the needs is for some sleeping bags. As right now, it’s getting warmer, but colder nights are still here.
Isn’t it amazing how generous those that have so little are?
Reminds me of the story of the widows mite.