It’s been 5 months!
Once I was shocked to not have a speech for 6 weeks, because I was having a hysterectomy. 😂

The career I never thought of doing till God put it in my mind, has become something I’ve deeply missed!

These 5 months of virtual speeches, though I’m thankful for the work and technology, that we’ve had to connect, we humans learn differently when we are together!

I was admittedly nervous, as I’m always aware of the responsibility and trust given myself, or any speaker, and I work to deliver with the energy and message to exceed their expectations… After so many months of not speaking to an, in person, audience in the back of mind I hoped I still had the ability to perform as I did a few months ago.
I did.
I’m not bragging, I’m just recognizing that I know I’ve been given a gift, not only to connect with an audience, to get to pour into them and see the message connect, to see tears in the eyes of teenager, to feel their commitment, it’s like a thread from my heart to their’s all of this is a sacred gift. ❤️❤️
This gift is humbling and awesome, that has nothing to do with me it is all about the audience. I feel incredibly blessed that I get to be apart of evenings like last night.