Yesterday at Costco I was hungry.

I hadn’t eaten lunch, my errands had taken longer than I wanted.

Then I ran into a friend we chatted, she later texted me thanking me for the talk.

That warmed my heart, to know I could be there when she needed a friendly face.

As I was going to pay for my groceries I was thrilled to see a short line!!

I felt the words “look up”.

As I did I saw an elderly couple – he was pushing her in a wheelchair while pulling the shopping cart behind him.

His walk was unsteady with age and the awkward angle he was walking to push a wheelchair and cart forward simultaneously.

I called over to him that this line was short, and he gratefully took me up on going in front of me in line.

I helped load their groceries, as Ailsa wasn’t with me she’s swift to help the elderly that way.

As he pushed his wife past the clerk and stood ready to pay.

Loading my groceries I felt the prompting to pay for their groceries.

I maneuvered to hand the clerk my card on the sly, communicated to let me pay, and all unnoticed by the elderly couple.

As my card was tapped, I turned away as I didn’t want them to know it was me.

I heard the gentleman be very confused at what had just happened, the clerk told him his groceries had been covered.

He was emotional, standing there steadying himself, he kept asking how it had been done, and unable to avoid his questions anymore the clerk pointed to me that I’d paid.

I felt embarrassed as this wasn’t what I wanted him calling over saying “How can you do this?”

He was concerned it was too much that my family wouldn’t have enough.

I had to assure him it was ok, I was embarrassed because he was so shocked he was being a little loud.

At their car I loaded the groceries he told me about his family, his wife’s health, their daughter died due to cancer, she left behind seven kids, they beamed talking about their 30 grandkids — every other sentence he kept asking how this could be done?

So worried my family would be without.

I was dressed simply, so I assured him my finances were stable and it wasn’t me.

I told him that God had prompted me to pay, that really it was God just saying “You’re seen” and at that, he reached out to hug me and cried.

I felt the weight of his tears, I don’t think he cries often, and for sure not in Costco parking lots.

His wife asked for a hug.

Again they needed assurance that it wouldn’t hurt my family.

Finally, I just told them that my husband and I both have good work.

It was a gift to me to let them know God was aware.

The food purchased was all they were going to buy this month.

I felt like I witnessed a miracle today.

I don’t share to say oh look I bought them groceries, what amazed me was how concerned he was for us in amongst his shocked gratitude.

They needed these groceries, simple goods, rice, bread, and rotisserie chicken.

I can’t help but think of the many on a fixed income dealing with the sharp increase in price we’ve had for food and gas.

Couples like I met today.

When I told LoverMan what I did today, he said “I’m glad you listened.”


I remember as a kid mom would drop me off at the grocery store with money and tell me to “make it last” in other words buy all you can to stretch each dollar.

I did.

I haven’t had to “make it last” for many years now, as I unloaded my own groceries, I realized that if my errands had gone quicker I wouldn’t have been in the store when I was to cheer my friend, I wouldn’t have been where I needed to be to help this couple.


We need to look up more.