These are two different groups of young men I saw on my walk home from church today.


Teens roaming the streets.

But not for mischievous intent but to go collect offerings from our church communities monthly fast.


We go without food and water for 24 hours once a month and donate the money saved to this fund.

It goes first to help those in our church family who may be in need and then to the general fund for more needy communities around the world.

It’s humbling to think how something so simple like last night when I began my fast praying for a specific family with a scary health diagnosis, and a recent widow in our church family.
I felt closer to them as they were in my prayers, each time I’ve felt tempted to eat I think of them and ultimately what God has done for me.

The amount of money we are donating will be joined by 16 million members worldwide joining in this fast on the first Sunday of each month.
Millions are raised and much is given to those outside our faith too.

Truly small and simple things are great things brought to pass.