Sometimes fear is a trembling when we worry we will be hurt.


Sometimes it’s an anger at being rejected.


Sometimes fear shows in indignation. Sometimes fear shows in concern. Like I fear my kids getting hurt.



Sometimes fear shows in our thoughts, revealed to us by what we think about.


Fear can direct us to take action. It can also show us what we really want. One of my Leta quotes is that “When people say they have no fear, that’s a psychological problem.” What I mean by that if we all have fears is: What are the motivators behind the fear?


I hear people say they are fearless. We all have fear. I am fearless in some ways. I don’t really fear what another person can do. The prospect of rejection doesn’t really scare me.


As a speaker, I can’t fear rejection by my audience; if I did, I couldn’t get up and be the total weirdo I am at which they all can laugh!


I share some pretty hard things, like my most difficult experiences, so fear there would stop me. As I sell SeneGence, if I crumbled when I was told no, I would have quit years ago.


I do have fears – I fear God.


I used to really wonder about the use of the word fear. Doesn’t fear sounds like a bad thing?


I’ve put more thought into this than I can share here. I’ve come to see the word as having a dual meaning. I’m referencing the kind of fear that issues respect, amazement, seeking…


Proverbs 2:5: “Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God.”


When we fear man more than God, we use the perspective of what we fear to motivate us, to drive us. When I feared man, meaning the opinion of others, I couldn’t really see me. When I began to fear God, I saw others better. I’ve become not only less fearful of what others could do to me, but I love others more. I judge them less. I see others that may not seem “like” me to be likeable. The differences become illuminating in being able to see their character.


Some of my dearest closest friends are not the same as me. They don’t seem to mind that I’m a conservative, mom, mormon, selling makeup, and a totally loud Hot person that I am. I’ve actually found that those who’ve judged me are those that are most like me.


Living by the light of others gives them power to mold our self perception.


Only God’s light is clear enough, pure enough to not skew the light through a faulty prism.


We doubt ourselves because we don’t see ourselves through the eyes of God. Through a prism caste from their light, fearing man more than God clouds our vision. It blocks our vision of others and ourselves. God does say with Him all things are possible.



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