I had a conversation with my daughter tonight, she asked me some really thoughtful questions. The best part?
She is proud of me.

She commented about hearing me mentor my team members, seeing how I work, and she asked me Why?

Why I work so hard.

I asked her why do you think? She said “it’s not the free trips and car right?”
I said “No, what do you think?
She, thinking, said “You want to help your Hotties, right?”
We talked about goals, motivations, life, commitment, and “why”. For me, it all goes back to my family, my husband….what I’m giving them. I’m giving choices. She sees a life full of possibility, impact, and giving. That alone makes my momma heart have happy bursts.

I think back to my 11 year old me, crawling into my younger self..

The difference from then to now, from what I can see, has all been outside of my fears… all the WHY I couldn’t has now become WHY I must.

Becoming the person I am today was not due to some master plan I dreamed up…it’s a side effect of pushing to be my best self.
Taking both personal and professional opportunities, and applying a lot work. That leads to a happy home life, a successful book, speaking engagements, and a booming SeneGence business.

I told my daughter, “You know why I didn’t want to build a team for so many years?”
“Because I didn’t want to be responsible to answer people’s questions.”

She said “Mom, that’s silly!! That’s what you do all day!”

It is silly. Now.
But before, it was a real fear. I was afraid I wasn’t smart enough to lead anyone.
You know what,I’ve discovered in the doing that? I’m actually brilliant at answering people’s questions. Really really good at it.

So here is my question to you: What are you brilliant at that you’re afraid to do?