Perhaps it’s spring that makes me think about roots.
I look out my kitchen window and see my daughter Katelynn’s tree blooming little buds of new growth. Soon the heart shaped leaves will emerge from these buds.
I can hear the neighbor kids playing. Warm weather draws them out.
I look to my porch the flowers I’ll put in. The strawberry plants I’m adding.
Walking outside is a thing to enjoy and not hurriedly do to against the bite of cold.
Why do we appreciate the warmth of spring? Because we’ve had the winter.
Don’t get me wrong I like winter too for the most part, I love having seasons.
The ups and downs.
The dark the light.
The opposition— It all teaches us. ❤️
The darkness of what I, and so many others have also passed through, is now the root system I’m able to build on; to cast light into what were once dark shadows. It’s the darkness that has taught me how to be deeply joyful. I get to live in bright sunshine rooted deeply in the lessons- the truth that plants me.
I believe we are each planted where we are to build us into our best self.