Anyone who tells you that they are always in a state of bliss is high or mentally unstable. We all have hard days, feeling down, hard poopy times and opposition in our lives.

That is life. It is often really really really hard.

It is not an accident to generate good times. It doesn’t just happen. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. No one else can do it for you. Every single day you have to set your attitude. YOU.
No one else, this is totally on you.

Someone recently accused me of being fake because they saw me draw a boundary with someone and they didn’t think I should. I don’t tell you ALL the poop of my life, just select poop… because I am not feeding the drama. If I have the solution, I can share it. If it is out of my hands to solve it, I don’t share. Like politics, and others’ poop flinging. Simple rule on this: if it seeks to divide us, it is from He Who Is Poopy.

I am working on building goodness and poopy behavior is drama, and once I know that there is only drama from someone, or something, I distance myself from the drama.

Life can be sweet, joyful, amazing, peaceful, hot, and epic, but not if you keep jumping in emotionally-draining mud puddles (literally an analogy from my first book. The good times will be fleeting until you learn to create them yourself or you have given the power of your life and happiness to someone else.

Having boundaries equals not enabling drama. Allowing your boundaries to be violated is allowing drama in your life.

There is a publicness to my life, which I believe was God-directed, and heaven knows I resisted because I knew it wasn’t awesome to be seen. Being seen had gotten me beaten, molested, and yelled at more times than I can count.

YET, I stepped out in public because God told me to do it.
I did as I was told. In doing so, I have gotten to see the other side of being seen; I have been able to inspire, help and impact in a way that astounds me.

I will not be putting poop on my “wall.” I am trying to be like Jesus. And if poop is brought into my house, my community, or on social media, I will be like Jesus and throw over a couple of tables, aka delete the post, address it, or reaffirm the boundary.

People are going to believe what they believe. And that is that. So, don’t come to me for my side of apparent drama; you will just have to make your own judgement about some things that I may post.

Life is either a complicated soap opera or it can be beautiful. I am getting up each day and working on me. I still have a lot of work to do. I am trying to be what Jesus wants me to be. I give the flingers of poop space to be free to do so away from me because anything else is a distraction from my purpose. First and foremost I am a wife, mom, and then Hotness.