My son had his first acting gig at the end of September!

I’m proud of him doing something different, and it’s not totally pleasant wearing three layers of clothes in the hot sun. He did it with a good attitude, actually he loved the whole vibe of being on set.

Besides the mom bragging I wanted to share with you another example of the power of kindness.

I found several ways to be helpful. I had to be on set because my minor child was, I could have just read a book, instead I sought out opportunities to be helpful.

Kindness is a form of networking yes, it’s also just a nice way to be. Come to find out many actors said being kind on set was one of the best ways to get more work! It’s a competitive business, people apply to be there, and if you get a reputation for being difficult it is just easier to pick someone else.

It’s the first time I’ve been on set not as a makeup artist.. yet without a defined place to be, by choosing to be helpful I not only helped my son, I felt totally comfortable like I belonged and the best reward? My son and I made a lot of new friends!