I like cats. I don’t like dogs.
Dogs like me. They lick my feet, they smell me, and they want to be petted. They, like, really want you. But I don’t want to pick up dog poop –  if you do, totally fine, have your dog.
I don’t want 💩 around my grass so I don’t have a dog.

Growing up we had dogs, it was one of my jobs to clean up all the poop. I guess I got pooped out 💩🤣

I like that cats clean themselves.
They bury their poop 🙌
Cuddle all cute next to you. Exercise themselves. Well, except for our 🐈 Pearl she is round like unto a Pearl, but we love her.


If I see a small dog that calmly sits with you I think, that’s a really sweet cat, ugly cat but still sweet.
To you dog lovers, you may feel triggered.
Cat lovers, you get it.
Dog lovers may even want to unfriend me knowing that we have a different opinion!
But you know what? I think we can disagree and still be friends. We can even respect each other for our different preferences, beliefs.


It’s okay that we are different.



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