Look at these two girls.

I love that they know their beauty.

I love that they know they are smart, radiant and they are worth being treated exceptionally well.

I volunteered to augment Jill’s dress to her height and give it sleeves, she looks even better than it shows in this picture!

After all the girls were anxious to run out where the boys were all waiting. Boys that have been taught to respect girls, as the 8 or so girls came out, and the boys saw them all dressed up they cheered and clapped for the girls as though each girl was a princess… because they are. I admit it I teared up a bit.

Ailsa watched on with giddy joy in seeing her friend dating and all dressed up. Thank you to girls like Jill who show my daughter you can expect a boy to respect you and dating is about having fun, creating conversation and great memories. And thank you to the boys out there that treat girls with respect and value.

Secretly, Ailsa is more excited to turn 16 now.

In our religion we don’t date until 16, and then only group dates.