What I love about booths are the women I meet. They share little snapshots of their lives and I feel enriched even though I’m exhausted after two, 12-hour days. There is something so tangible in eye to eye contact that connects us humans, and I admit to being addicted to the connecting.

Last year, I made friends with Christin Bailes and our friendship has grown so much that I asked her if she’d like to come be my booth assistant. She said yes! She was amazing in the booth and helped me have a very successful show doing what my Ailsa usually does in the booth so I can stay focused on serving the ladies. Christin let me stay at her home too. Her family is the cutest and treated me like an Auntie!



A cool experience I’d like to share:

I had a moment to go to the little girls’ room. I didn’t need to go that badly but thought to take the opportunity. As I got there, one of the ladies I served earlier that day was in the door way. Her motorized chair had stopped working mid-door. A 20-something year old lady was standing there like what’s to be done. Both women were embarrassed and my friend in the wheelchair was mortified and stuck. Having been in a wheelchair myself, and with the many years of helping my mom with her motorized chair , I reached down. I put the chair in neutral and was able to help free up the doorway. If you’ve never been in a wheelchair to the level of dependency, the terror of being stuck is hard to explain. I was glad I was there to help and knew what to do. I was able to help her through the bathroom, and then deliver her back to her daughter. She gave me a hug and a kiss.


As I walked back to my booth, I thought of the times I felt stuck, and that I could now walk. For the millionth time, I felt that gratitude and it occurred to me, how many people at the expo would have known what to do? How many could comfortably see what needed to be done and help?
I could.
And I was there at exactly the moment I was needed.


To me, I see that as a divine nudge, a moment given to show us both that we need to listen and be there for each other.


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