I love camping. I love the stars at night, the simple feeling of being together, having everything you need, and no technology.
Don’t get me wrong, I know technology is great- social media let’s me connect with you all, but it’s important to disconnect!
To get grounded.

To be still by a lake, look out at the woods, and watch a campfire dance. I even love getting dirty and smelling of smoke. 😂😂 It reminds me of the simplicity of my childhood. Then the feeling of walking into my home…it’s like a renewal of gratitude for all I have.
We had church this morning at a picnic table in the Uinta Mountains. We were joined by Les, he is the camp host. You’re going to hear more about Les, he is pretty much adorable. Of course he would disagree. He shared about his life, how he has found God, and once again, the gift of knowing however big and vast the world is, connecting deeply with another person is the most beautiful experience anyone can have.

The gift of loving another soul comes in many forms.