“So, I’m a waitress at a restaurant in South Jordan. Last night I had a table of 8 kids come in to dine for one of their friends birthdays. The check was about $80 and they tipped $4. Today one of the girls came back in with her mom. The girl apologized and said she’s only a Freshman and it was her first time eating out alone without her parents. Her mom apologized and said that her and her daughter had a conversation about tipping when you go out, and then the girl handed me this $20. To say I’m impressed is an understatement. I’m impressed that the mom made this into a learning experience and I’m impressed that the cute girl was brave enough to admit her error. There’s good people out there! 😊”
– Brandi Orr

Love this story.
Do we hold each other and ourselves accountable enough to make it better? Great parenting moment here. #howtoraiseawesomehumans