In 2019, extremely, my doctor grounded me from flying. With concerns it was colon cancer, I had to cancel speaking engagements. I was so sick I truly wondered if I’d ever feel my vibrant self again.


I had numerous issues, all of which, once it was discovered I had sleep apnea, and was treated for that until I began to get better.


I had 90% oxygen during the day and 83% at night, ideally you have around 98%.


I hated my sleep apnea machine. It was like trying to sleep while snuggling a vacuum blowing on you. It caused anxiety, triggering from childhood abuse to have my nose held like a hand over it. I often felt like I was drowning and couldn’t breath.


Despite all those feelings, I talked myself into it and wore it every night. EVERY SINGLE night.


The first week the migraines were getting better, within 2 months I seldom got headaches. All my other issues were getting better— came to find out oxygen is really important! 🤪


I cannot tell you how I have, at the time, fallen in love with my cPap machine, but I’ve been what my doctor calls 100% compliant in using it. For my health, I’ve seen the improvements and despite its anxiety-causing effects I’ve worn it. I lost some weight, though that doesn’t cause sleep apnea it does make it worse.


I’ve been working out, to help my oxygen. I was diagnosed with hypoxia in all this which could have shortened my life but miraculously went away.


I bought an oral appliance which my doctor explained would not take away the need to use a cpap machine, but the plan was if the power went out of quick trips hopefully I could use this instead of the big machine. So a sleep test was ordered to see how much oxygen saturation I lost with the appliance vs the cpap. Guess what?!


Drum roll…. 🥁


The difference is .015% that’s literally nothing.


I don’t have to use my cPap machine anymore, just the oral appliance!!


This is huge.


Not only will TSA stop touching my cPap machine when I travel, I no longer have to hunt down the water needed upon touching down in a new city.  No more machine up my nose, no more Darth Vader breathing at night, no more vacuum cuddling, and best of all LoverMan can look over at his wife with out air being blown in his face.


Why? Because I did something I hated, because it was good for me. I never liked it, but I did it. I did everything I could; losing weight, being healthier, and I wore the stinking thing every night… now because of that – doing the hard- I get to wear just the mouth piece. My doctor literally said, “You’re cured!”


PSA: Do the hard thing – it’s worth it. If you don’t, you’ll never get to the other side.



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