I got the opportunity to present to my home congregation today on a subject I’m deeply passionate about: sexual purity.


Passionate because I know the powerful destruction of the soul when another uses you for their own physical gratification.


I was once under the impression of shame and now I enjoy the great joy, peace, security, and passion of being LoverMan’s wife. This was made possible through the redemption and grace of the atonement of Jesus Christ.


Going from the arms of an abuser to liberation through a joyful marriage doesn’t just happen.


We can’t just give our youth a checklist of don’ts – we must have this conversations of the do’s! Giving them tools and how to apply them to be in control of who they become and not pressured into actions as it’s EVERYwhere around them.


I’ve had the honor to speak to thousands of young women and hundreds of young men over the years; mostly on confidence, self esteem and self perception occasionally on this topic too. Additionally, I’ve been doing maturation programs for 5th grade girls and I get to pepper in messages of their value and worth.


My Bishop/pastor asked me to help him present on this topic. I couldn’t be more thrilled to do a deeper dive for the kids and their parents that I worship with each week. Ailsa even stood up and shared  one of the ways I prepared her to handle the halls of junior high.


As weird as it may sound, I wish I could talk to every kid with their parents on this topic. We need to be comfortable discussing this sacred power because the world sure isn’t holding back.


I’ve added this topic to my relaunch of workshop offers.


Having my Bishop ask me to present  this was a confirmation to the nudge I had been feeling that I should apply to Education Week to teach on this.


So, yep. Gulp.


Just shared that publicly.


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