Whenever I would see someone who was sore after working out I would say, “You know what causes that.. working out!” I thought it was really funny. However the joke was on me, I saw myself as too busy to take care of me and that way of thinking catches up to you. Years ago I hid this.. but I have a degenerative hip due to the numerous miscarriages, in fact for several years I limped just enough that some noticed despite my efforts to hide it. When I would work out I would often aggravate the condition … Intellectually I understood I had to do something for my long-term well-being. I am now a person that works out and prior to what I thought before, I am less sore for doing so. I think most of us understand that there is a correlation with a healthy body, eating right, and working out; this effects the mind. We’ve all heard about hormones, we know we want the happy ones, not the sad ones. Feelings happen all the stinking time. Are you giving your mind the energy it needs to deal with all those feelings? Your body needs to be on board. Now, before you get upset with me and tell me how you hate working out, well, I agree I don’t like it either. In fact, I’m still waiting for the “high” everyone talks about, but guess what- I work out. I’m assuming that due to a degenerative hip and a low white blood cell thing I have going on, liking working out may never happen. I’m doing it assuming that it will hurt, because it normally does. Yet, I still work out. Yep. I do. Not as much as my hubby. Not as much as I should. Not as much as the cuties running around in workout gear; but I’m not doing it to compare myself to others, I’m doing it for myself. To give my mind the opportunity to have my body be working with it. We all have reasons we can come up with to not do something, but if you can come up with only one reason to do something that makes you a better, happier person, I guess that’s worth doing twice a week for 40 minutes.