On July 23rd, Nathan’s cousins moved in with us ❤️ We had found out that they needed a place to stay, as they are in a transition, and no family of ours needs to pay for a motel or an air BNB.

In this time of upheaval, it is a blessing to have enough, an abundance even, that we can be a haven for another family. We have been rewarded more than the sharing our extra space with a deeper connection with each other. ❤️

Lisette has insisted in doing the cooking, I tried to resist, but not only is she a great cook, it’s a big job cooking for a crew of 11! So, I meekly resisted and have enjoyed the perks and yumminess.

For 12 years my parents lived here, my brother for 18 months and a couple of my cousins have even called us home for a short time. The other day Nathan thanked me for the kindness to his family, technically they are his family but family is more than blood. Family is who married in and those who chooses to love you.

It will be hard to have them move out!