So I just moved her in.

I’m all sweaty.

It was on the third floor.

It was raining so I could make some sad statement about how the rain mingled with my tears… but as I’m sitting here I’m feeling gratitude.

Gratitude for the kind roomies.

Gratitude for hearing the giggles.

Gratitude for overhearing how they’re working through the who will use this bathroom, who needs this cupboard?

Gratitude for hearing them plan out the apartment.

Gratitude for the last 18 years of raising her. She is ready, it’s time.

Okay, now I’m crying.

Good thing you can’t see it in these pics.


The minivan/pickup/RV is playing the role of a moving truck today.


One roommate hadn’t moved in yet. The one next to Ailsa is her direct roomie, their birthdays are one day apart!!
It was meant to be.


Not quite moved in but she literally sent me away, she’s got this. Her roomies are headed to Walmart to buy a few things together, all grown-up-like.