I hope all of you women had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Yesterday, I had the best Mother’s Day gift!!
I was checking all day, knowing he’d call! So great we get to talk to our missionaries more than two times a year!
I learned that one of his shoes is already coming apart because of all of the walking. He is finding his groove. His new companion seems to be very sweet and giving my son hugs! I wish I could hug him.

On Mother’s Day, I don’t only celebrate women who choose to give birth. I celebrate women who gave birth and placed their baby for adoption. Choosing life and love, beyond self.
I celebrate women who didn’t give birth, but choose to adopt; to love and nurture beyond genetics.
I celebrate women who choose to nurture others, even when they themselves didn’t get to give birth.
I celebrate mothers who have children in heaven. I hope you feel them close.

I’m beyond thankful that God let me raise and impact these souls, Nathaniel, Ailsa, and Katelynn. Happy Mother’s Day!