We woke up after a crazy late night to at least 6 inches of new snow fall— and it’s still snowing!


I’m only 4 days into being able to walk, which is good as there’s no way a wheelchair is getting through this snow.


The knee scooter was like a sled with wheels, so not scary at all 😂


The good news is I had Nathan right there after church and my church family all being happy for me that I can walk, I was still spoiled with attendants to help me not take any risks.


Without asking, I had one of my dearest friends Lindsey on one side, Emily who just returned from a mission on my other arm, and her dad Micheal literally sweeping a path for me!


I made them all stop so Nathan Greene who was loading my scooter could take a picture of my being treated like a queen!


Then Nathaniel who is up for New Year celebrations jumped into action to shovel, only to have the house DUMP snow on him as it slid off the roof!!


I just happened to be there to document the snow.


It’s some major snow to move.



Ailsa wasn’t as excited to shovel, but was soon helping the neighbors shovel and we even had another neighbor helping us out too!


Thank you Feai Mulitalo and bring a treat!!

Nathan has been having some issues with his wrist and is in PT for it. He can’t really be lifting much. Still, he willingly helped in lifting me, my handicapped devices.
We were both feeling weird we couldn’t be out helping our neighbors and realized with all this service, we are thankful our grown son jumps in to help willingly and that we are surrounded by those willing to help us.


Sometimes it’s not our season to serve but to be served.


And just as if it couldn’t be any more clear how good I have it, Nathaniel brought me drinking chocolate that is the best EVER that you too can get from Emily Low.


Surrounded by love with my foot up, I was feeling very fortunate as I hear the scraping of snow shovels echo through the neighborhood knowing that many good neighbors are out helping each other.


What a great way to start 2023!❤️


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