2019 was a turning point for me, it’s the year I’ve embraced being a “mature” woman. No this doesn’t mean I’m suddenly dignified, if anything, I’ve embraced who I am deeper. Jokingly I can refer to my tendency to carry dried fruit in my purse is to appease Gertrude, aka, my colon. The very fact I talk about my colon openly should seal the deal of my gaining mature status?

It was the year I turned 46, become a glasses wearer, my first real wrinkle, decided to let my grey hair grow, and I now have the ever sexy sleep apnea machine! It’s the year that I spent months ill, revisiting old demons and fears, and with them, realizing deeper the life I have is the life I want.

I started the last decade barely able to walk, wondering how to breathe after death, and now, I marvel at where I am. I can’t decide on a word or a quantifiable goal for this next year or decade because I couldn’t have mapped out this last decade or year. I’m starting 2020 with gratitude and awe for what has come and trust in what is coming.

It’s a new decade. I’m going face it with confidence, excitement, work, consistency, determination, love, connection and truth.

Picture: One of my headshots paired with my sleep apnea machine that,Nathan, when I asked him- “How not sexy is this?” replied with a “Well, fighter pilots wear those too.” He has gotten serious points for saying that.