I wanted to share an experience I was reflecting on from a while ago, after church services one Sunday.

I was with my daughter and the young lady staying with us.

Two men walk up to us, bashing my faith saying we don’t believe in Christ.
1) It’s not for another person to say what I believe or not.

Working to be gracious, I said, “Well we see things differently, let’s agree to disagree.” I reach my hand out to shake his hand saying God bless you. He was immediately repulsed and yelled out how he wasn’t going to touch me!

I said something like “If you can’t even give me the courtesy of shaking my hand, you can leave.”
Keep in mind I have two girls behind me, both of which I’m responsible for.

His reply:
“You’re a woman you have no authority to ask me to leave”.

So what would you do?

I really don’t appreciate the faith bashing. I’m pretty shocked when people tell me I don’t believe in Christ. Then to tell me I don’t have authority to my own personal space because I’m a woman.

I stepped up to him, inches from his face (he was taller and bigger than me) and said “Excuse me?!”

He went on, dribbling about how twisted my religion is and how I’m a suppressed woman.
This “suppressed woman” stood my ground and told him to leave me and the girls. He told me I was being mean to him. He seemed shocked to have me, or anyone, stand up to him. The other man evidently was like “uhh let’s leave, they could call the police.” They had walked up to us on private property.

My reply to his protest that I’m the meanest Mormon he has ever met was “Good, I’m glad I stood up to you!”

The man with him was tugging at his elbow, which gave me the space to walk pass him with my girls.

I told my daughter and our exchange student that I’m not proud- I was angry, however, never hesitate to stand up for yourself…especially in the face of someone who doesn’t think you should because you’re a woman.

I’m sure there are things I could have done better, but I’m not sorry I boldly told him he was wrong on two counts: My conviction of Christ in my life, and his stupid sexism.

I’m not going to raise a daughter that timidly let’s men pick on her. I also hope to raise children that are not ashamed of their testimony of Christ.