Yesterday was Human Trafficking awareness day.
The fact is more people live in slavery NOW than at any other time in the history of our world!

Oh you think it’s only in far away countries? No, it’s here.

Americans are the main consumers of trafficked children it’s called Sex tourism. If a trafficker has a child here in America they can charge more. Stories from young girls and boys that are raped multiple times a day.

Our children. Your and my kids are being targeted through social media.

I was not trafficked, my parents were not complicit, they didn’t know. I was groomed by a close family friend to accept and even think that what I was experiencing was love. Starting at 2 1/2 years old working to mold me into the perfect wife for him. Again, I thought it was love. All of this happening under my parents roof, he manipulated them too.

Learn the signs of sexual abuse. Don’t look away. Learn.

I would bet a million dollars that your kids have a classmate, friend, neighbor that is being sold for sex by a family member or being sexually molested. What you don’t know will not only hurt you, it will hurt those you love.

Before COVID-19, I was about to announce a conference with myself and other speakers to share how to prevent sexual abuse. I’m still navigating how to get these going, it will happen.
I urge you to become informed.
Ignorance, naivety, your trust, crafted messages are all tools abusers, traffickers and evil use to exploit your children.