When I see this, my heart bursts with gratitude. Almost 13 years ago, my husband died from a heart attack. I held him in my arms and felt God teach me, hold me, and most of all, change my own heart.

I know God lives.
I know it.

I saw my husband’s spirit, the essence of who he is, come back into his body. I saw it with my own eyes.
I felt it.
I witnessed it.
I can never forget that, it’s etched into my soul.

As my hubby stands, Ailsa holds his hand. We could have missed out on this; this perfect moment right here.
I am sorry to those who have lost such moments between their children and spouse. I know loss, I’ve buried a child. I feel that tear in my soul just as this perfect moment happens. Life is not about a perfect time when everything we want exists, as that’s heaven, not this life. Life is about perfect moments like this. This is joy.