My daughter’s locker.
The other day a classmate walked up to her locker, looking at the door panel contents and said, “Wow, this is so fake.” Her tone was not kind. As she walked off, my daughter told me she was just stunned. Over dinner she confessed it hurt, it bothered her…What did she mean by it?
We had a talk as a family. We talked about people putting their values and ideas on others is a form of judgement.

This is not the first time my daughter locker contents have drawn criticism

I’ve had people tell me I can’t live my “authentic self” and be in an organized religion. I’m capable of laughing and seeing the irony in saying your authentic, and yet judging another. I’m capable of asking, “really tell me how I’m not authentic?”
I’m charming enough to make my point and move the conversation forward. 😁

My daughter, like many of our other children, are just going to be stunned when they are judged. And it hurts, it bothers them.

Whatever we choose to be, whatever organizations you choose to be a part of — that does not give any of us the right to judge another. Every group is guilty of judging, and every time we do it we’re telling our children it’s ok. It’s how racism, sexism, elitism, poop-ism are perpetuated to the minds and mouths of our children.

I’m proud of my daughter for loving others, for her kindness for trying to be like Jesus. And I think it’s very authentic of my daughter to not take down pictures in her locker because she has teased her about it.