As I reached for the sacrament, a ritual of renewal and repentance that we of my faith and many other Christian faiths practice, it hit me.


The ultimate gift ever given symbolized in a simple piece of bread. The bread to represent Christ’s body and the water, his blood. Willingly given for each of us.


Not all my Christmas gifts may be a home run. Perhaps a receiver might have been disappointed. I even have gifts I’ve given that were rejected. In my family people even ask for gifts back.


Yet, however we humans fail at the giving and receiving of gifts, that doesn’t change the value of the gift Christ gave each of us in his atoning sacrifice.


Today though is not about death but birth. It’s about a mother holding her child feeling wholly inadequate, as I imagine most of us moms would feel as we hold our newborn.


I know I did. After all the losses, pleading, and prayers to finally hold my miracle son. Mary had to also know with all that had happened, as the Shepard’s bowed that nothing normal or even easy was before her.
For me, for those of us that believe in Christ, the everyday normal is enhanced, even carried in that babe born 2022 years ago.


I believe in Christ.


We celebrate today with a mix of traditions from various cultures and our families, all combined to be the biggest party of the year, I am thankful for the renewal, the promise of redemption, and gift to humanity held in the Christ child.


I hope each of us can give space to the gift offered, this gift that was paid for in blood, and love.


Merry Christmas to you, my friends!



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