I consider myself an empowered woman.


Some call me a girl boss.


I’ve been thinking about what it really means.


One being called a girl isn’t my favorite. Yes, I refer to my makeup team as my girls or my Hotties. It has a sense of responsibility to me, to guide, to inspire. Girl is a term of endearment, familiarity.


I see images and discussions that describe what a Girl Boss means. Praises for the woman who can build a business and be so successful at it that she can put her kids in the care of another.


Today, I made a decision to make some professional sacrifices to be a mom. I am missing a fun lunch with a fellow entrepreneur, meeting with fellow speakers that no doubt would have been amazing. I may even have a touch of FOMO when I see the pictures.


However as a woman, there is nothing that I prize more than my kids.


What I won’t be missing is carpool pick up.


What I won’t be missing is discussions of the day over dinner.


My family will be eating a dinner that I made.


What I won’t be missing is my daughter singing in a choir concert.


What I won’t be missing is talking with my son about his day.


Yes, there are times that I miss the simple things with my kids by working my work as a speaker that takes me away from home. Additionally, my work as a makeup artist means hours of calls to book ladies to come play makeup with me. I think my kids seeing me do this is, perhaps, one of the greatest success lessons I have taught them. By role modelling that the secret sauce to success is… work.


Success is not about the fancy clothes, the trips, the jewels, the accolades – that is all just hype. I think it’s to induce people to buy in to what you do. To me the real success of life isn’t about having enough to awe others but having enough time with loved ones to make your life awesome.


So if you’d like, I’d┬áprefer to be called a Mom Boss instead of a Girl Boss.


I have more to say on this.. but this is good for now.



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