Warning!!! Mom brag and severe cuteness ahead!


We are playing hard, soaking up the last days before school starts.

Today while having lunch Ailsa got an email that she has been awarded a half-tuition scholarship! 😍😍😍


We require our kids to have manual labor jobs, exactly because they have been given a foundation in life that they’ve never been hungry, which has made their work ethic all the more impressive.


Ailsa has had a house cleaning business since she was 12!

Both the kids have become savers, understanding the value of money.

Ailsa has saved enough that she has her entire first year of college paid for, by her, not the money we her parents have saved— the money she has saved cleaning houses and an online business.

So getting this scholarship means all the more to her, yes she has a 4.0 from High School but she can see how each dollar could have been earned.

Her saved money will go that much further.


She also earned this trip to Disney.

I’m so proud of who she is: kind, hard-working, dedicated, one who includes others, grateful for her opportunities, loving, and above all seeking to be the woman God wants her to be.


Dang I’m going to miss her every day in my home.