I have a big announcement! Monday, Feb 10th, I got a call and I knew it was in regards to Mrs. Utah. I assumed they wanted me to be a judge in a pageant- I’ve done that a few times.
The conversation started with telling me that I’d been nominated to be “Mrs. Utah”…I laughed.
Though I AM gorgeous, and I do think I’m awesome, I also understand I’m not the “beauty queen” type. She was serious.

I thought this was hilarious! What a funny story I now had! She was telling me how great it would be to wear a crown, and I’m thinking…“I’ve got several” 😂 (They’re from the makeup company I’ve been with now since 2001.)

As I’m laughing, I got a flash of me putting a crown on a 4th grade girl. 👑 Ohh wait. Evidently God wanted me to listen. So, I listened. This was about my platform, yes they want women that process feminine poise…which I may push the boundary on what “poise” means, but I do have a platform I care deeply about. The correlation between confidence and preventing sexual abuse, specifically giving children the tools they need, it can prevent or stop abuse.
I’ve been looking for a way to get confidence training in Elementary schools and I believe wearing a crown will help me get there.

I had to think about it. I had to fill out an application, I had to be interviewed. I was selected not because I entered a pageant, and stood on a stage. I was selected because:
1) I stopped laughing.
2) I showed up
3) I stand for something.
4) I’m good looking (just a side perk, didn’t actually have anything to do with being Mrs. Utah Ambassador, though I do look pretty fabulous in a crown. 👑😂)

I’m looking forward to placing my crown on that 4th grader I saw in my heavenly flash.

If your school would like a message on confidence from a lady in a crown — let me know!