Gail was my first friend when we moved to New Hampshire.


She was college friends with another friend Camy Mills Cox from our DC days, she connected us.


The day we moved in she had a moving crew there to help us and coordinate food to feed us.


That’s pretty much how it went with Gail. She serves.

She was at the birth of both of my kids filling that mom/ sister role.


She rubbed my feet and made sure I was covered as I was not, even then, into being naked in front of people.

We had a few hours to talk in person today, and like it always has been, as though we had never been separated.

Here is the baby-delivering team for Nathaniel and Ailsa— except for my midwife and the male nurse who held my left hip/ thigh area during the final moments of Ailsa’s 2.5-day delivery.


I still blush at the memory of that random nurse, but I had Gail to smile knowingly, and who can still laugh with me about that— and 20+ years of friendship.


We also joke that witnessing Ailsa’s birth cured her of being sad her children did come through birth but adoption.