Ok being real here 👍🏼👍🏼
You probably know I had a hysterectomy…
I was sitting here feeling frustrated with myself and all the things I want to do and realized I should share for those of you out there being poopy beating up on yourself. 😪

I admit it, being still is not my favorite thing. 😬

What would I say to a girlfriend if she were in my situation.
To suck it up? To push herself to exhaustion? To complete that to do list? No matter what! 😳😳

Or would I congratulate her on all she is doing. To be patient to let her body heal. ❤️❤️❤️

Taking my own Hotness advice I stopped my poopy thinking and started thinking of awesome things:
1) So glad I’m close to my kids while they are out of school.
2) Even though I didn’t think it would be a really big deal to have this surgery my church family did and brought in meals.
3) Before surgery I had 4 opportunities to travel and was told by the spirit to not accept those engagements. I am so thankful that God created a break for me to fully heal in.
4) My business is still moving forward due to my awesome team and reorders, I am blessed financially.
5) I can rest in a beautiful and comfortable home.
6) I can work from bed, or sitting on my porch in the sun, laying on the couch– social media is awesome.
7) I have the full support of my kids and hubby…
8) Godiva chocolate..

I could go on but they would be long to explain.

I’m still tired but I’m not frustrated.,

Ohh and
Skincare ✅
Hair ✅
Makeup.. Later.. Maybe.
It’s ok I’m still Hot!
Just a tired hot and that’s ok.

So if your feeling poopy today make your own hot list of all the good you have!