We were talking about spiritual gifts today, and asked what are yours?


When I was young I would have struggled to answer that question because then I was often told by those closest to me how difficult my personality was.

I felt flawed.

I needed to change if I was to be accepted.

So I hid who I was.

The problem was I came wired how I am wired, I talk a lot, and to everyone.

Put me in a crowded space, like I was in Disneyland and I’m finding new friends everywhere.


I am completely fascinated with people.

Fortunately, those closest to me now don’t criticize my vivacious nature, even encourage or praise me for my ability to connect with others.


Like meeting Manny, he is super interesting, I am going to get him on my podcast, we all talked for over an hour, on deep subjects like faith and the LGBT community.

He has been invited to dinner when he comes to town.

Loverman said it well when he said, “When it’s familiar to you, you may not recognize it as a gift.”

We need others around us to say, “I’ve noticed you are great at including others” or “I’ve noticed you put others at ease”.

What you may see as personality may actually be spiritual gifts you have been given and how those combine make you, uniquely amazingly you.

Those gifts are not just for you, but to bless others too.

So lean into being the best you ❤️