Ohh Nelly in the traveling, I almost missed #NationalSonsDay2022!

The kid that started it all, that finally made me a mom without empty arms. He was my sixth pregnancy and so worth the wait. I would have done it all again to be Nathaniel’s mom!


I remember watching him sleep as a baby, pouring out my prayers that I could be the mom he needed to live the best and fullest life he could. The first time he started singing along with me to my favorite song, “I Stand All Amazed” showed me he was listening more than I thought he was. He was only two. In the years since all that listening and caring for others, he has become a person who loves others deeply. As he has become a man now, as his mom I just want to pull him into my arms like I could when he was young. He is nice enough to let me give awkwardly long mom hugs.
Love you son!

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