Got to hold a sugar glider with all the cute littleness today. A lady carried her two pets in a speciality scarf around her neck.


So of course we had to take a picture!


The best part of booths is the people you meet, like the lady who’d never worn lipstick for religious reasons. It’s a pretty big honor to be the one to pick out her first lipcolor!


My favorite moment was when I saw a lady, being pushed in a wheelchair, severely handicapped. I asked her if she wanted some lipgloss. Not because I had any intention of selling to her, but because I know from when I was in a wheelchair, how people look over you.


The woman pushing her spoke for her, that it was okay and she didn’t need any. I replied “That’s fine,” as I looked in her eyes, “I just wanted you to know that I see you. I care.” 


The woman in the wheelchair reached her hand out to me, stretching as far as she could reach through her afflicted arms and fingers. I, too, being in a wheelchair extended myself out —- it was enough that I could hold her fingers. She smiled at me. A beautiful smile of innocence and gratitude.


It was a perfect moment of soul connection.

#newconnection #beingseen #compassion