I had a rough night. I had gone to help someone who we felt needed me. I hadn’t slept much.
All this on top of Nathan’s bike accident two weeks ago, his having Covid over my birthday, but at least we were all together! There was also a tragedy in our extended family, which I’m not free to discuss as children are affected.


I don’t know why, but on the way home this morning, I pulled over at Lowes to do an errand. Evidently as I stared at bolts, it just was too much and I started to cry 😭


A sweet man, with a quick glance at my project, started naming bolt sizes as though they were old friends. He literally guided my shaking hands through the project. He doesn’t work at Lowe’s, he was just there helping a stranger.
An overly emotional stranger.


I couldn’t let it pass without acknowledging his service. I gave him a run down, and he smiled. He is a handsome man, well-built, and successful-looking. The gentleman then said, “I am so happy to help you, I almost died by suicide two months ago.”


He told me how good he was now, how the darkness goes away, and how it always gets better.
We hugged; Two strangers connected by his service to me. Disheveled, I had literally “slept” on the floor that night in the same clothes I was currently wearing.


As we parted I said, “Thank you for staying, thank you for helping me.” He smiled, so charming. I left him inspired.


We never know what others are truly facing, or what demons have been fought to be the warriors of strength that reach out to help others.
A little miracle to remind me, purpose in everything, strength only comes after the crucible.



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