Meet Hadley

Originally I thought she said Hotley, of course I’d hear Hotley!

We met while on a hike in Zions. The hike we didn’t plan on, at a time we didn’t plan to do, that’s where we met. Neither of us planned to be there. We talked briefly about the trail, she ended up hiking at our pace. A conversation started, she is just cool, originally going to school for criminal justice, then journalism but didn’t like how in school you had to pick a side, then decided to be a fire fighter. Like how cool is that.

It’s interesting how seemingly randomly life just puts two people together, I felt a connection. So, did she. Soon we were having one of those deep conversations that are gritty, sacred and so real that they are one of life’s gifts.

She allowed me to share that she has a condition that makes extra sounds difficult, yet she choose to hang out with us, there are lots of extra sounds with us… ok, especially me! I’m a talker!

#Confidence #Connection #Culture