It is a very real statistic that one in three women have experienced assault, rape or molestation. How do we protect our kids as Rapunzel style of raising our children is illegal?

We don’t want to terrify young minds with all the realities and dangers of our world. Just as when we explained to our children to look both ways before crossing the street we did teach them by showing them pictures of children that had been hit. We taught them the principle and pointed out the dangers they could understand at an age-appropriate level.

So it is with sexual safety. This module helps kids and adults to recognize toxic people. I have taught this to kids as young as 8 and never had to tell them all the dangers they were being prepared against, as we don’t want to scare them into not living their lives. One of the best skills we can teach our children is how to recognize an abuser, any abuser in their life.

You will be able to recognize toxic people while giving you the power to be more accountable in your own life.