She didn’t even know how to lead music last week.


Ailsa was asked to take on a new responsibility in our church along with another person, so every other week she will be leading the music for our whole congregation. When asked she said I don’t know how but I’ll learn!


She got a lesson from Jamie Smith and practiced several times. Jaime helped her by sitting on the front row.


I’m proud of my daughter for getting and doing something new in front of all these people with a smile on her face.


I too was asked to do this as a kid. Back then I abhorred being in front of people, being looked at mortified me. I did it once and refused to do it again.


To see her do the very same thing made my momma heart proud.


I love seeing my kids at same age I once was and see them be braver, more capable and excited for life than I was.


Ohh, the good they will be in the world!❤️


#Ailsa #proudmom