PSA: Be kind. Life is intense for some people right now.

People are still having babies. Still receiving scary diagnoses. Still working on their mental health. Still figuring out their life path. Still working on their marriages. Still parenting special needs kids. Still having health issues. Still figuring out what life looks like as their parents get older. Still planning their futures when things are uncertain. Still getting married. Still getting divorced. Still handling infertility.

Life is still going.

And now, some are wondering how to work full-time and figure out how to educate their kids.

Or how to get their kids an education when they can’t home-school or don’t have the resources to homeschool. For some families, the school lunch program was the main source of food for their kids.

Some are wondering how to pay rent this month.

Some are managing cancer treatment.

Some are figuring out who they are now that their employment is gone or have had to shut down a business.

All in the time of a pandemic. And on top of a global wake-up call about systemic racism.

This work of being a human right now takes a lot of care and energy.

Be kinder than you think you need to.
Be more patient than have been (including with yourself).
Be gentle with people.

We have no idea what people are navigating behind the scenes.

Let’s talk less and listen more.

This was written by Angella Johnson and speaker and coach friend of mine. This was shared with her permission. You can find her at w w w. Angella Johnson .c o m