This morning as I was hopping around trying to get my daily routine done on one leg and a knee scooter, I got a little irritated. Irritated that I can’t drive.


Bent over without it being a balancing act that tests my abs and coordination 🤔😳


Irritated that I feel days behind in my to do list and the conversation went like this:
“Okay, I’m over it – not fun anymore. Oh it never was fun, it was necessary.”




🤯 I reminded myself that in many places in the world, this surgery wouldn’t have happened until I was unable to walk. My doctor stated how in England they don’t do it until the person can’t walk anymore.


🤯 Some places in the world I would just be messed over at 49.


🤯 I got to choose the timing.


🤯 I’ve been able to do my work.


🤯 I reminded myself I just hopped into Disney rides like a boss, with the help of my people!


🤯 I have smooth floors to move on.


🤯 All of this on a hip that is degenerative – it’s holding up. That’s years of doing the work.


I’m frustrated because I can’t do the mundane easily.


Then I went to my doctor. I’m progressing well enough that I can put some weight on my heel. Not the front part of my foot yet, but the heel. That means I can stand with some alignment in my back. It’s progress.


And here I was feeling like there was no progress! 🤦🏻‍♀️


 It’s just because I was looking at it from the “natural man”  instinctual way. Reframing our frustrations into blessings is part of being resilient. I can laugh at my giving into frustration because not walking for three months is hardly the worst thing I’ve done or faced.


It’s like that so often in life.  It’s just how we look at it and as feelings are just chemistry, we can change our feelings by changing what we allow to bounce around in our brains.


#perspective #resilience #progress