I saw some bikers.

Looking closer I saw they were BACA bikers!! ❤️

BACA stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse, they do awesome work and are a perfect example of how you can’t judge someone by how they look on the outside, they are big softies!!

Not only were they nice enough to take a picture with us, we stood around with them as they told us why they ride with BACA, and why they choose to protect children.

With tears in their eyes, they spoke of their mission and some of the children they have impacted.

They started in 1995, with chapters in 48 states and several countries.

I thanked them for the important work they do.

At some point, I shared that I was one of those kids who needed protectors due to being sexually abused.

More than one hugged me.

The little girl in me took those hugs with joy.

I also shared that because of Christ I am thriving, one looked at me and said with such a sweet tone how glad he was my life was good.
We talked of God.
We talked about our society.
We talked about protecting children.

What if BACA had been around when I was a kid?

Instead of how it went — the big scene with the sexual abuser, walking around 5 miles alone, trying to iron out how and if— I was so confused.

Then home to a different kind of confusing place.

What if BACA was around maybe I would have had the courage to testify.

The conviction rate is higher with BACA involved, like in the 90%, no matter what state when those kids need to testify BACA goes with them, stands by them, and sits in court.

You can never judge someone safe or not safe by what they look like, my childhood of being molested by a wealthy man who used his money to buy my parents things to violate their trust, and being around truckers (my dad was a trucker) those truckers looked like these Bikers, they never laid a finger on me.


Ohh and Pam caught this picture of me which is potential blackmail 😂 we all are still laughing.

    I wasn’t kissing him in case you’re wondering…